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Hangzhou Resource Power Equipment Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Resource Power Equipment Co., Ltd. (RESOURCE HYDRO) founded in 2003 and with a registered capital of RMB 138 million is affiliated to Zhejiang International Business Group Co., Ltd. (ZIB). ZIB is a solely state-owned company invested by Zhejiang People's Government. RESOURCE HYDRO is a mixed-ownership enterprise held by ZIB.

RESOURCE HYDRO is located in Hangzhou Qiantang New Area.China, about 40km from Hangzhou downtown, 26km from Xiaoshan International Airport and 200km from Shanghai Port.

At present, RESOURCE HYDRO has over 400 employees, including 160 professionals.

RESOURCE HYDRO possesses a 100,000m2 modern heavy manufacturing base and has the casting workshop, component workshop, metalworking and assembling workshop, electrical coil workshop, physical and chemical electrical laboratory, etc.

RESOURCE HYDRO has an annual production capacity as follows:

(1) Up to 2,000MW in terms of complete turbine-generator units; by far, RESOURCE HYDRO has supplied nearly 300 sets of complete turbine-generator units for over 100 hydropower stations both home and abroad;

(2) Up to 10,000t in terms of high-end castings; our products have been extensively applied in the heavy machinery industry such as hydropower, nuclear power, mining, chemical, smelting and shipping industries;

(3) Up to 6,000t in terms of power generating equipment components; RESOURCE HYDRO has been rated as a qualified supplier for consecutive years by many famous energy enterprises and has successfully supplied hydraulic turbine, generator, inlet valve components and other power generating equipment components for hundreds of hydropower stations both home and abroad.

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Enterprise Culture

Talents Cultivated by Culture and Inspired by Invisible Power

Vision:   Become the Best Medium Hydropower Equipment Supplier and Everlasting Brand;

Mission:   Create more value for the customer, employee, investor, partner and society with improved product and service value;

Pursuit:   Bold changes and sustainable innovations;

Style:   Do it now and assume responsibilities

Value:   Integrity, honesty and adeptness at learning in life; earnestness, carefulness and commitment to excellence in career;

Principle:   System First, Leadership Second, No Way to Personal Favor;

Employment policy:   Appoint people by abilities, stress both professional ability and moral integrity, and focus on internal training and external referral;

Management concept:   Tap efficiency potential and get benefit from management.

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