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Component Workshop

Source:Hangzhou Resource Power Equipment Co., Ltd.  Release time:2017-02-27

The component workshop can manufacture large structural components and is equipped with the facilities for cutting, rolling, cold-working, welding, thermal treatment, sand blasting, painting, etc.

Specifically, this Workshop is equipped with large CNC flame cutting and plasma cutting lines, Lincoln welder, OTC welder, large CNC three-roller bending machine, large oil press surfacing production line, submerged-arc welding production line, large welding positioner, large paint drying room, large shot-blast chamber, large natural gas thermal treatment room, 100t heavy-duty crane, etc.

In addition to our hydropower products, we have been supplying various large structural components for many famous energy enterprises both home and abroad and our products have been distributed to more than 30 countries and regions, including Europe, America, Africa and Southeast Asia.

30t-level welding positioner

800t-level hydraulic machine


CNC flame cutting machine

Welding manipulator


Large paint drying room

Large CNC bending machine
(Plate spec.: 80 mm * 3000mm (Thickness * Width)


Natural gas thermal treatment furnace
(L×W×H=9×6.5×4m, 1100°C)

Large shot-blast chamber


workshop corner

Welding material warehouse


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